Jun 01

Dating Tricks And Advice

By mdp21890236789 | Dating Tricks

How many times have you thought what kind of date the first date should be? How many rules have you read up to now?

Is there any particular rule that is very important to make a good first impression?
The first thing about dating you should now is that no matter what, you should be very natural. Don’t try to be something that you aren’t because the truth will be revealed in the end. If you pretend to be something that you are not, then you will only pull yourself into trouble. Of course, there have to be some manners, especially on the first date.

Important things for the first date
If you are taking your chosen one on the date, try to do your homework and to find out what places she likes to visit. Take her to the movie if she likes watching them. If she is a fan of Chinese food, take her to China Town to some restaurant. Or, if you want to be original chose some place that is very special for her. This way you will let her know that you are truly interested in her, that you want to know everything about her.
Buying gifts on the first date is bit inappropriate. How to buy a present for someone if you don’t know her yet? Maybe a flower but for these modern times, it is not very common. The thing that will never become démodé is an offer to pick her up. Girls like this gesture probably because this shows them that they are protected in some way.
Although a lot of modern girls will tell you that they don’t like gentlemen, statistics shows that this is not true. They certainly like to be treated like a lady.

No matter how emancipated they are, they will enjoy all the gentleman manners that you can show to her. Open the door instead of her, or pour her wine and you won’t regret it.
Is it advisable to kiss the girl on the first date? That depends on the girl. It is something that you have to feel and to see whether the moment is suitable or not. Don’t rush! You can try to make the eye contact first. Or touch her accidentally. This way you will see whether she likes you or not.

Blind dates
Some are very skeptical about blind dates, others are afraid. However, this doesn’t have to be a complete disaster, especially when you are older. The good thing about blind dates is the fact that you don’t expect anything. And when there are no expectations there are no disappointments too. Sometimes it is easier to open yourself in front of a complete stranger than in front of your mother.

You can be relaxed because you speak with someone who doesn’t know absolutely nothing about you. That is the point about blind dating, to see, explore and not to expect anything.